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Internal Information Channel

In order to comply with all rules, laws, and principles that govern corporate life, we provide all employees, clients, suppliers, collaborators, partners, shareholders, or anyone who defends a legitimate interest with this Internal Information Channel (and/or Whistleblowing Channel), which enables effective communication of any irregular, illicit, or criminal behavior that is occurring, has occurred, or is going to occur at Aliseda. Irregular, illicit, or criminal behavior includes any type of legal infringement, violation of the Code of Conduct, or conduct that is inappropriate or contrary to market best practices.

Reports to Aliseda SGI's Whistleblowing Channel can be submitted:

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By mail, to the Code of Conduct Committee (Compliance) of Aliseda SGI, Castellana 280, 28046 Madrid.

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In person at our offices. To do this, you must request an appointment by calling 918 353 583

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By completing this form to provide us with as much data as possible.

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Illustration of an analyst reviewing documents

Through the following link to an independent specialized provider https://canal-aliseda.i2-ethics.com/#/

  • - If the report is submitted in writing, and in order to analyze the reported facts, we need you to provide as much data as possible. Clearly and in detail, explain the facts.
  • - Identify the individuals or companies involved, as well as the area of the company to which they belong, if known. Inform us of when the events occurred or will occur.
  • - If you have any supporting documentation for the report or that may assist in its resolution, please send it to us.
  • - Provide any other information you consider relevant.
  • - Please provide your contact information, except in the case of anonymous reports.

Aliseda Servicios de Gestión Inmobiliaria guarantees the confidentiality of the information and content provided, as well as the identity and protection of the whistleblower who reports in good faith. In other words, the report must be based on reasonable indications that lead to the belief that an irregular conduct is being, has been, or will be carried out.

Once the report is received, it will be analyzed by the Code of Conduct Committee. If there are indications of inappropriate behavior, the investigation phase will be initiated; otherwise, the case will be closed.

In compliance with the provisions of the personal data protection regulations, Aliseda states that the personal data included in the report and the file processed as a result of it will be handled under the responsibility of Aliseda. Its use will be limited to processing and investigating the submitted report, and the legal obligation, the fulfillment of a mission of public interest, and legitimate interest are the legal bases for the data processing.

Subject to the legally established limitations, the rights of access, rectification, opposition, erasure, data portability, restriction of processing, and any other applicable rights can be exercised by sending a written request to the Data Protection Officer, paseo de la Castellana 280, 2nd floor, 28046 Madrid, or by sending an email to dpo@alisedainmobiliaria.com. Personal data will be processed for as long as the file is being processed and will be retained for the necessary time to prove compliance with the Internal Information System for a maximum period of 10 years.

Any claim or request related to the protection of personal data can be addressed to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.