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Our Commitment

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At Aliseda Servicios de Gestión Inmobiliaria, S.L.U., we firmly believe that the company must be guided by values that define our way of working and interacting with the environment. For this purpose, we rely on values such as excellence, teamwork, results orientation, transparency, as well as a zero-tolerance policy for any conduct that falls outside the legal framework and is guided by the highest ethical standards.

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Our commitment is based on the following principles:

  • I. Establish and integrate the necessary actions to prevent, detect, and respond to any possible commission of illicit acts.
  • II. Create a culture of compliance and transparency.
  • III. Maintain and improve channels to facilitate the communication of potential irregularities, doubts, or suggestions.
  • IV. Impose the obligation to report any facts that constitute a potential criminal offense, fraud, or irregularity through the Whistleblowing Channel.
  • V. Promote a culture of ethics and compliance: (i) encouraging responsible behavior, (ii) promoting awareness and establishing protocols and committees for the proper alignment of the company's will, ensuring that all members of the organization govern their actions and decision-making in accordance with internal and external regulations, and (iii) implementing training, information, and awareness programs.
  • VI. Investigate any report of a potentially criminal act, fraudulent activity, or irregularities in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct.

To achieve this, Aliseda has implemented and maintains a criminal risk management system focused on fulfilling the assumed commitments and minimizing the company's risk. Furthermore, we are committed to continuously improving this system. To this end, an organ with sufficient authority and independence to carry out its tasks (the Code of Conduct Committee) has been established.

In cases where the company verifies that an employee violates the aforementioned commitment, it will act in accordance with the sanctions regime established in the Code of Conduct, taking appropriate measures and, if necessary, imposing the relevant sanctions and/or initiating legal actions as stipulated by the applicable regulations in each case.