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About Us

Aliseda Real Estate

Aliseda is a real estate company that specialises in the management of property assets and mortgage loans, with a national presence. We have thousands of assets for sale (first and second residences, offices, premises, warehouses, land, garage spaces, storage rooms, etc.)

Our main business areas are: the sale and rental of finished products (new and “second hand” properties), land management, the property business and property development. With a strong vision of being the leader in the property management business, Aliseda is defined by its corporate values of honesty, teamwork, a commitment to the future and service excellence.

Aliseda and its team

The success of the company lies, to a great extent, in the commitment and hard work of our team of professionals. We have over 400 employees with multifaceted profiles in our two spheres of activity: property management and loan management, which allow us to offer a comprehensive and productive service by advising clients throughout the entire property purchase and sale process.

Our customer service philosophy is based on the principles of transparency, agility and flexibility. We also work with experts in the real estate sector, allowing us to respond efficiently to demands while offering a personalised service.

Accordingly, Aliseda continuously strives to develop and optimize all of the tools and processes that enhance our product and client knowledge base, as well as examining all of the options that can best meet the expectations of our clients. This year we have launched the customer service "Contact Centre" which unifies the management of contacts, queries and visits.

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission. We are experts in the management of real estate and mortgages, renowned for our professionalism and soundness. We are committed to providing a reliable and differentiating service to our customers with rigorous quality standards as the foundation of our future and the creation of value for our shareholders.
Vision. To be the leader in the real estate sector and the mortgage provider of choice with a brand that combines prestige and credibility in the marketplace for the excellence of our team and management.

  • Honesty. We will act with integrity and respect to all. We will do what is right, aware of our environment and the sustainability of our business. We will strive to merit the trust of our clients, shareholders, employees and suppliers.
  • Team spirit. We all work towards the same goal to achieve our objectives. We are unselfish and facilitate one another's work. We are a team and as such we all gain in terms of agility, efficiency and strength
  • Commitment to the future. We know that we are responsible for our future. We take initiatives to grow as a company. We are all Aliseda: we all have a contribution to make.
  • Service excellence.We are committed to best practices. We are always looking for new ways to provide a differentiated service to our clients. We create the prestige of the Aliseda brand with our professionalism.


Aliseda' added value

Aliseda Real Estate is different in many ways, among them the wide range of property types distributed throughout Spain. This, together with our highly-qualified professionals, our knowledge of the market and of the needs of our clients, enables us to provide a comprehensive service. Bringing together all of the processes involved in buying and selling property into one unified management process with a single contact person greatly enhances the service we can offer our clients.
As well as having sales advisers who work with the client throughout the process, Aliseda provides financing through "Aliseda Mortgages" which offers excellent terms and conditions.