22 Comercial premises in Alicante



Alicante, together with Castellón and Valencia, make up the Valencian Autonomous Community, one of the regions with the greatest variety of properties on offer. Alicante, characterised by the hospitality of its people, has its most populous neighbourhood in the Polígono de San Blas, but flat sales in Alicante offer many possibilities not only for living in this area but also for living in other areas of the city, with many services available to citizens, and with the possibility of living in the Alicante towns around the province.

Flats for sale in Alicante: interesting towns in the province

In our section on flats for sale in Alicante it may be worth paying attention to towns such as Elche, with a considerable number of inhabitants, or Sant Vicent del Raspeig, where the campus of the University of Alicante is located. Dénia is also one of the most popular, in the north of Alicante and situated a short distance from the Balearic Islands, with regular ferry trips. The prices of both second-hand flats in Alicante and new flats can vary greatly from town to town, so it is advisable to analyse all the details in depth.

Buying a flat in Alicante, an open city

The great variety of flats for sale in Alicante and its province makes the chances of finding the ideal property very high. Therefore, you can view all the offers and get to know the towns and neighbourhoods of Alicante, all with their own peculiarities and personality. In addition to the aforementioned Polígono de San Blas, there are other neighbourhoods with a unique character, such as San Juan Playa, one of the favourite bathing areas for many locals and visitors to the city.

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