51 Offices for sale in Castellón


Surrounded to the east by the Mediterranean Sea, to the north by Tarragona, to the west by Teruel and to the south by Valencia, there is a wide range of possibilities for flat sales in Castellón. For example, you can find new and second-hand flats in Castellón de la Plana, Vinaroz and others located on the Costa de Azahar, which have a large population. Take a look at our list of flats in this province and make the right choice.

Flats for sale in Castellón and its province: a matter of taste

The diversity of possibilities offered by the province, both in terms of life and landscape, means that the sale of flats in Castellón is marked by the differences that exist between the towns, with Castellón de la Plana being the capital and where 30% of the population of the territory is located. Thus, depending on the way of life and opportunities, options as different as Oropesa del Mar or Peñíscola, located on a coastline that is more than 100 kilometres long and visited by millions of people every year, may be interesting.

Buying a flat in Castellón: choose your neighbourhood wisely

Life in Castellón, as in all the coastal provinces, varies according to the area where you live. The most stately is probably Lledó, with sophisticated and high quality properties. But other interesting neighbourhoods, usually present in our section of flats for sale in Castellón, may be El Pinar or the centre. And if you are passionate about the sea, Grao de Castellón may be the perfect district for your definitive residence, as it is located next to the city's seaport.

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