12 Offices for sale in Ávila


The city of Santa Teresa de Jesús and the best preserved city walls in Europe can also be yours thanks to the wide variety of flats for sale in Ávila that Aliseda Inmobiliaria has on offer for you. And if you prefer the tranquillity of living in other towns in the province, you can also take a look at our list of properties in this section.

Flats for sale in Ávila: wide range on offer outside the city walls

The most iconic photographs of this city are those showing its medieval walls. However, beyond the walls, there are numerous neighbourhoods, many of them developed in the 20th and 21st century, in which there is a wide variety of properties, as you can see in this section on flats for sale in Ávila. La Estación, San Antonio and La Cacharra are just a few options for those who are looking for a new home, whether recently built or second-hand. Its proximity to the historic centre, its year of construction or its proximity to the train station, from where many trains depart to provinces such as Salamanca or Valladolid, are some of the determining factors of the price per square metre.

Buying a flat in Ávila province: for lovers of tranquillity

Although the city of Ávila is not a particularly stressful city, living in the province is even quieter, whatever the region. El Tiemblo, close to Madrid, is a good example of a picturesque village with quality of life. Arenas de San Pedro, another of the province's large towns and the gateway to the Sierra de Gredos, is another one of them. Our list of flats for sale in Ávila includes small flats as well as large houses and villas.

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