577 Garages for sale in Barcelona


Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, only behind Madrid and ahead of other cities such as Valencia and Bilbao. And, as such, it is one of the most promising in terms of home ownership. Barcelona is a reference point for architecture because of the buildings that give it charm and make it a unique place, such as the Sagrada Familia, the Agbar Tower and the Gaudí building. It has long been the inspiration for artists, dream makers and opportunity seekers. For all these reasons and much more, the sale of flats in Barcelona has a large and varied list.

Flats for sale in Barcelona: continuous dynamism

Barcelona offers a wide and diverse range of flats, thanks to the fact that it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Every year it is visited by millions of tourists and many of them decide to stay, which is why the sector of the sale of flats in Barcelona is in continuous evolution. Among them you can find newly built flats or enjoy the charm of second-hand flats in Barcelona, many of them of large dimensions that conserve details of the years in which they were built. Dwellings in which the past and the present blend together.

Buying a flat in Barcelona: which areas to choose

When choosing between the flats for sale in Barcelona in our catalogue, the buyer must take into account what the area offers for their well-being and comfort. In Barcelona the areas and neighbourhoods are very diverse, all of them rich in possibilities, but not everyone needs the same services. The Gothic Quarter enchants lovers of the past, while Eixample is full of stately palaces and the Barceloneta and Raval stand out for their multiculturalism and alternative spirit. In addition to flats for sale in Barcelona, other towns in the province also contribute to this dynamism, such as San Terrasa and Mataró.

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