How kids
picture the house of the future


Nearly half of all Spanish children believe the house of the future will have moveable wall partitions so you can configure the rooms based on the needs, making them bigger or smaller

How will the house of
the future be designed?

3 out of 10 children think it will be several storeys high

28% believe it will be hanging in the air

26% say it will feature irregular shapes

25% talk about it being transparent

The materials that will
be used...

Who will design or build the house of the future?


4 out of 10 children imagine
the house of the future will
have a place to keep
helicopters or spaceships

What other characteristics will it have?


Swimming pools and Jacuzzis


Ears to
listen and understand
what’s happening





How will we get into the house?
According to Spanish children, the doors of
the house of the future will open:

Let’s take a look at the rooms of the house of the future


8 out of 10 children think the rubbish will be processed, recycled and thrown out autonomously

58% of the children say there will only be one robotic household appliance that will do everything whereas 5% say there will be no household appliances


More than 8 out of 10 children think there
will be new places or machines for
massages and relaxation. Plus...

76%say they will clean themselves

68%mention the kitchenwarewashing itself

62%say products will replace themselves

48%talk of a robot to wash people and comb their hair


Most of the children believe there will be a single room that will go about transforming itself

Children imagine the beds of the future

The temperature will
be self-regulated

They will wake you up
when they are told to

They will make

They will be

What will the wardrobes be like?

43% say
they will
tidy themselves

30% say they
will iron
the clothes

38% say they
will suggest the
clothes to wear

27% say they will suggest
the clothes
to buy


Children imagine playrooms will have robots, virtual friends and holograms

If you can dream it, we can find it

This is how our children’s dream houses came out